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Our organization honors local stars (organizations and individuals) committed to creating a more just and peaceful world through their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) efforts. We encourage you to nominate an individual or an organization for any of the awards listed here.

The HEIDI Award


The Hampton Roads Employer Inclusion and Diversity Initiative (HEIDI) Award recognizes and honors the outstanding contributions and achievements of local businesses and organizations. Organizations presented with this award exemplify D&I practices and demonstrate results in their workplace and marketplace.


Recipients of the HEIDI Award set the standards of excellence for the Hampton Roads communities and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Award Application & Process

The Application is free and open to all local, city, state, federal, academia, and nonprofit organizations in operation for at least two (2) years.

Criteria for selection are as follows and may include a broad range of criteria from inclusion-centered initiatives: efforts to support recruitment and retention of diverse employees; teaching and/or research that expands and embraces our understanding of inclusiveness; multicultural programming or related initiatives; community outreach activities; or a host of other possibilities that enhance D&I.


Nomination statements should focus on the following criteria:

  1. The extent to which the organization's activities have promoted an environment that is welcoming, supportive and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language and other human differences.

  2. The extent to which the organization’s activities have contributed to raising awareness and consciousness about D&I within the organization's mission and for the greater good of its employees.

Membership with the Hampton Roads Diversity and Inclusion Consortium is not required.

Individuals who represent their organization, business, or agency may submit an email (300 word maximum) to that highlights the organization's accomplishments, testimonials, policies, engagement and accountability measures over the past 12 months.


Award nominees will be evaluated by the HRDIC Board of Directors. Award recipients will be announced during the month of October and honored at our annual event.

Questions to consider while composing your nomination:


  • What systems or programs does the organization currently have in place that demonstrate exemplary D&I results?


  • In what ways are employees at all levels engaged with promoting D&I efforts?


  • How has the organization been recognized in the past for its exemplary D&I efforts?

Community Champion Award


Community Champions are individuals committed to creating a more just and peaceful world through their D&I efforts. These champions focus on awareness, interaction and acceptance of all, and ensure that their communities recognize the value that people of all cultures bring to Hampton Roads. Through their efforts, relationships, and grassroots programs, Community Champions positively influence those with whom they come into contact with as they engage in learning and discussion about equity issues.

Community Champions are recognized based on many components including:

  • Leadership

  • Grassroots efforts

  • Notable positive impacts on individuals

Award Application Process

The application is free and open to all individuals who are committed to creating a more just and peaceful world through their D&I efforts.  The individual may  submit an email to that evaluates his/her  efforts over the past 12 months. 


Award applicants will be evaluated on contributions and achievements in three categories:

  • Leadership- taking a proactive approach to increasing and promoting D&I; striving for mutual respect and appreciation; serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control occurrences or situations related to stereotypes, biases, and prejudices regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity.

  • Grassroots efforts- creating a community environment that welcomes, respects and embraces diversity through community organizing, fundraising, public relations, education, or other unconventional or nontraditional methods.

  • Notable positive impacts on individuals- being visible to diverse audiences through volunteerism, outreach programs, ongoing support, mentoring, and/or training development opportunities that build on strengths, skills, and overcoming individual challenges.

Pride Service Award




HRDIC wishes to honor and recognize the contribution and efforts of our local civilians and/or active duty members who have enhanced D&I efforts in the Hampton Roads community. Said men or women may be veterans; or have served; or are currently serving; in an active duty or reservist capacity in the Armed Forces. The purpose of this award is to recognize community leaders who promote a positive understanding of the armed forces among and between men and women, minority and non-minority members of the military and civilian population.


Award recipients will be men and women who


  • Have distinguished themselves as leaders, mentors, advocates of D&I in the Hampton Roads Community

  • Are well respected by superiors and peers as military and community leaders

  • Represent the Hampton Roads community with dignity and pride

  • Work to aid and create opportunities that support the advancement of inclusion in the workplace


Nominations Criteria:


A Word document, up to 500 words identifying the organization for which the nominee works for, his/her role within the organization, and military status (veteran, active duty, reservist); and a description of the nominee's accomplishments as they pertain to advancing D&I efforts.


Photo of nominee should be included as a .jpg image.


Please send nominations and attachments to

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